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2018 Acro Pair Las Vegas

Central Coast Gymnastics offers recreational and pre-team acrobatic classes for girls and boys. CCOAST Acro Competitive team has annual tryouts in August with athletes ranging from level 5 through Elite, ages 4 to 24.

Competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics is a discipline recognized by USA Gymnastics. Acro is the combination of dance, tumbling, and partner stunts performed by synchronized pairs or groups. Routines are performed on a 40’x40’ spring floor and each level has specific requirements that must be met, similar to artistic gymnastics. Engaging choreography and brilliant attire are also a part of the sport.

Athletes of all ages and sizes are needed in acro. Smaller, more flexible athletes are needed for top positions, while taller, stronger athletes are ideal for base positions. Both boys and girls are welcomed in the discipline.

Beginner athletes may go through Pre-Team training before considering competition. Pair/groups that work exceptionally well together and show great dedication may be invited to join our competition team with opportunities to travel across the country. Very experienced athletes may be invited to compete for Team USA at international events, all over the world.


Watch the 2018 National Gymnastics Day Team Rock it out!



Watch our group routine at National Gymnastics Day 2015!

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