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You can call us at (805) 549-8408 during normal business office hours

from 9:00 am -6:00 pm (M-F) & 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (SAT)

Upcoming Dates of JGE:

  • March 7th (Saturday) 1:00 – 2:30 pm * This JGE is at the same time as CCG’s TTT Clinic in Gym 2 from 1-3 pm (ages 5-13)

  • March 25th (Wednesday) 11:30 – 1:00 pm

BR PP Class Photo Jungle Gym Ball Pit 2 years

Preschool Jungle Gym Exploration Play Date at CCG

Fun exploration time for ages 8 months up to 5 years.  We ask that all children have an adult joining them on the floor for the entire time during this event, families with more than one child can have (1) adult for multiple family members.  Please dress comfortably so you can enjoy interacting with your child(ren) on the gym floor.  We ask that no shoes be worn on the gym floor, and please no coffee/tea, food of any type, or chewing gum on the gym floor.

This is a wonderful time for each adult to be hands on with their children along with our staff, to have the most memorable time with your children exploring all the wonderful activities, singing songs, and more.

Bounce house fun

Cost to attend:

Siblings attend for 1/2 price

  • CCG Members $8 first child (enrolled in CCG classes)

  • Non Enrolled Members $12 (non enrolled, is a CCG member)

  • Non CCG Members $14 (non enrolled & non CCG member)

Bring-A-Friend to Jungle Gym Exploration Play Date!


What do we do:

Join us for 1.5 hours of amazing play time with your child(ren), in our wonderfully designed preschool gymnastics gym, that expands two floors.  We have so much fun exploring movement, climbing, running, jumping into our foam pit, ball pit, and trampolines.  We sign, dance, and play with the parachutes, go up and down slides, and bounce in our super fun bounce house!  Hang out on a bar, climb a ladder, and swing with us in our Jungle Gym Bring a Friend and have the BEST play date ever!

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