Why CCG?

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At Central Coast Gymnastics Sports Center (CCG), we strive to be the  #1 choice for families on the Central Coast since 1991.  We welcome you to our wonderful & exciting, state of the art children’s sports center located right here in San Luis Obispo.  We are conveniently located just off the 101 fwy in San Luis Obispo, at 21 Zaca Lane, building #100. We proudly offer a wide variety of programs for children of all ages and abilities, plus some adults classes too!   In August 2016, we expanded and added Gym #2 across the parking lot from our amazing Gym #1.  

Come down and SEE why CCG is the PLACE TO BE!  Why go anywhere else, CCG offers a family, friendly, inviting environment with over 25 years of local experience in business.  The information we have gained, learned, and implemented over this time cannot be bought, it can only be earned over time, it’s priceless knowledge we have gained that sets us a part form all others in our area.  

CCG offers classes in all of our programs year round.  We specializes in gymnastics for boys and girls, from crawling infants starting at 8-9 months old, preschool, recreational, developmental & competitive gymnastics, tumbling & trampoline, acrobatic gymnastics, cheer, Ninja Agility & Tricking gymnastics, and so much more. 

CCG offers our memorable and stress free “Funtastic Birthday Parties with 3 packages to chose from, our Action Packed Camps during Winter, Spring, and Summer breaks,  Field Trips, Specialized Training Clinics/Camps, and our fabulously FUN Kids’ Night Out parties.  We even host Kids Night Out parties in conjunction with  school auctions and corporate parties.

CCG has been able to add other Programs, that are not directly offered through the CCG Office.  You are able to attend more than CCG’s programs, you can view these programs in Martial Arts, Music, Special Olympics, and Custom Fit Personal Training under the Programs link on the main page.  CCG has something for everyone in your family.  A one stop fitness stop!


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children-clipart-with-starsCassie Ann reviewed Central Coast Gymnastics Sports Center, Inc. — 4 star

September 18, 2016  

“We love CCG the staff is humble very nice professional and very patient with all the kids. They always recognize me and say hello. I’ve tried all the others in town hands down the best.”


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Ninja Test Run


Maureen Ardron reviewed Central Coast Gymnastics Sports Center, Inc. — 5 star

March 30 at 5:14 pm 

“Really a special place! All ages and skills are taught and are made to feel great!”


10 Reasons Why CCG for your children’s Camp Experience?

10. Spend their day being physically active – As children spend so much time these days inside and mostly sitting down, camp provides a wonderful opportunity to move. Camp is action-packed days of FUN and Fitness at CCG!

9. Experience success and become more confident – CCG Camps help children build self-confidence and self-esteem. With all the activities and diverse opportunities to succeed, camp life at CCG is a real boost for all children who attend. There’s accomplishment every day. CCG Camp teaches kids that they can.

8. Gain resiliency – The kind of encouragement and nurture kids receive at CCG’s Camp makes it a great environment to endure setbacks, try new things, and see that improvement comes when you give something another try. Camp encourages overcoming fears and challenges.

7. Unplug from technology – When kids take a break from TV, cell phones, and the Internet, they rediscover their creative powers and engage the real world, with real people, real activities, and real emotions. They realize, there’s always plenty to do. CCG Camp is real FUN!

6. Develop life-long skills – CCG’s Camps provide the BEST instruction, BEST equipment and the BEST facilities for all children to enhance their sports abilities, their artistic talents, and their adventure skills. The sheer variety of activities offered at our CCG Camps makes it easy for children to discover and develop what they like to do. CCG Camps expand every child’s abilities.

5. Grow more independent – CCG Camps is the perfect place for your children to practice making decisions for themselves without parents guiding every move. Managing their daily choices in a safe, caring, and the nurturing environment of camp, children welcome this as a freedom to blossom in new directions. Camp helps kids develop who they are.

4. Have free time for unstructured play – CCG Camps offer open time,where the campers can choose where they can choose a station and try some things they have learned. This allows them to take a break from the overly-structured, overly-scheduled routines of home and school, life at CCG’s Camp gives children much needed free time to just play. CCG Camp is a slice of carefree living where kids can relax, laugh, and be silly all day long. At CCG Camp we play, explore, and have fun adventures!

3. Learn social skills – Coming to CCG Camp means joining a close-knit community where everyone must agree to cooperate and respect each other. When the children learn to train with others, sharing the equipment or crafts, listening and following the directions of the CCG Fabulous Instructors, waiting their turn, maybe even resolving disagreements, and seeing firsthand the importance of sincere communication. CCG Camp builds teamwork.

2. Reconnect with nature – Camp is a wonderful antidote to “nature deficit disorder,” to the narrow experience of modern indoor life. Outdoor experience enriches kid’s perception of the world and supports healthy child development. Camp gets kids back outside.

1. Make true friends – CCG Camp is the place where Children make their very best friends. Free from the social expectations that maybe pressuring them at school, CCG Camp encourages kids to relax and make friends easily. All the fun at camp draws everyone together— singing, laughing, talking, playing, bouncing, doing almost everything together. Everyday, camp creates amazing friendships. Call now to enroll them!

Summer Camp-A-Palooza begins Monday, June 19 Week. This summer CCG has 8 amazing weeks of camp or 40 full days! We added a new theme, Ninja Adventure WEEK! Tons of fun for everyone ages 3.5 – 13.5!!!

Call (805)549-8408 or

go to our CCG Camps Page:




Amanda Atkinson-Fritzsche reviewed Central Coast Gymnastics Sports Center, Inc. — 5 star

January 20 

Image result for best customer experience

Image result for best customer experience

CCG’s Member Services Office Staff are available daily (Mon.-Sat.) to help you.

We want to be there to help you when you need it.

Stop by or give us a call at(805) 549-8408.

Monday – Thursday

10:00 am – 6:00 pm


9:00 am – 6:00 pm


9:00 am – 12:00 pm





How to get CCG added benefits, guidelines, and information:

First, we sincerely hope you are enjoying your classes and time at CCG.  We have so much going on each month at CCG, it’s our goal to make sure you are in the loop to take advantage of all we have to offer you.  Please make sure you see the New Student folder after you enroll, it contains information on our registration information, on all our programs, other programs, how to get on auto payment, missed classes, make ups, coupons, discounts, on all our events and policies.  When you enroll, either as a new or returning student, you will receive a New Student Folder from us at the front office once you are enrolled.  We also send out a welcome email and do a follow up call 2-4 weeks after you enroll to see if you have any questions for us, and this call allows us to share more of what we do at CCG as added value to our members.   If  you did not get a New Student Folder or a email once you enroll, please feel free to contact our office (805)549-8408.  We really want to make sure we connect inside and outside the gym.

Great Tips!

We typically process all refunds by check, and typically with in 30 days.   CCG is happy to provide a refund of payment if it falls within our guidelines.

Not on auto payment, ask how you can enroll and save $5.00 every month.  No contracts to sign, just a release.

If you would like to drop, please contact us by the 15th if you are on Auto Pay and before the 1st if you are not.

All auto payments will go towards account credit after processing if you decide to drop after the 15th and auto pay processes.  Just a reminder, when you enroll on Auto Pay, we give you a $5.00 discount every month due to being on that program for payments.  If we have to process payments individually, then the auto pay fee will be waived.

We are always happy to work with each family to find the best way to help you stay current at CCG.  It’s our pleasure to find solutions.  We even offer partial family scholarships, just stop by our office to pick up the scholarship application to see if you qualify.  Most families who apply are single family homes with working parent, struggling to make ends meet.  We have helped families in times of need, a sick parent or child, let us know.  We would love to keep  your child involved in their favorite activity during these difficult times.

We hope this helps answer a few of your questions, if not please feel free to stop by or call us.