2017 Holiday Parade logo for CCG shirts

Once a year, CCG participates in the SLO Downtown Holiday Parade annually,

this is the absolute BEST PARADE, don’t miss it!

Join CCG this year for the “Holiday Hoedown”  

themed for the 42nd Annual Holiday Parade 

in Downtown San Luis Obispo

CCG is a proud sponsor of the Downtown Parade this year

Our FLOAT #8

Located at the corner of Palm and Chorro.

Thanks to all the families, athletes, and staff that gave their time and performed amazing feats and thrilling skills!  A HUGE THANK YOU goes to our sponsors J. Carroll and United Rentals!














Photos of the CCG Parade Float and Tumblers:

IMG_61701 IMG_61801

SLO Parade 8 alysa fat suits

CCG will meet on the corner of Chorro Street and Palm at 6:00 pm. We are very lucky to once again have a semi truck sponsored by United Rentals as our main float, with athletes performing in front and behind the semi truck and trailer.  THIS YEAR we are doing something new and exciting on the trailer.  We will not have CCG fans riding on it, but what we are doing is a surprise, so make sure to get to the parade early, get a good seat along the route, and enjoy!

More details:

  1. All competitive teams will perform in the parade.  Girls Team all levels, Boys Team all levels, Acro Team, T&T team, Xcel, and CCE cheer.  Rec athletes ages 5 and up who can do a cartwheel can join in!  Must be enrolled at CCG and have a Tee shirt you can purchase in the CCG office in Gym #1 on Wednesday of this week.

  2. Each athlete will need to be wearing the CCG Parade Tee, you can get them in gym for only $13.00 plus tax for a super cool long sleeve Tee!

  3. Please make sure your coach knows you are attending.  Please wear black sweat pants or tights, gloves are required, and good tennis shoes.

  4. Hair must be tied up for safety no hats please!

  5. This year, we will not have any riders on the semi trailer, as we are tying a trampoline to the trailer, so only athletes performing will be in the parade.

  6. All athletes will need to remain with the float until we get passed the SLO Children’s Museum.  Please be there as we go by to pick up your child at the end of our parade route and follow the truck to pick up your child immediately following our float.

Best Parade EVER!!!  Don’t miss it.


 This year, CCG will be having all athletes on performing wearing a Long Sleeve White CCG Special Parade shirt created by

J. Carroll Corporation just for CCG!  

2017 Holiday Parade Tee


Holiday Parade

SLO Parade 3 United rentalsScreen Shot 2014-12-03 at 2.23.17 PMSLO Parade 7 handstands