• Trampoline = All athletes that want trampoline training, this is the event for you. All athletes will have the opportunity to train with a group rotation and then train during open rotations. Trampoline training is excellent training for all sports, and enhances coordination, agility, and it is REALLY FUN!
  • Tumbling = All athletes will have the opportunity to work on their tumbling skills, from basics to more advanced skills on our 84 ft. Power Tumble Strip! Tumbling is the foundation of all gymnastics sports, including Trampoline & Tricking. Join us for some POWER Tumbling and get the skills you want, taught by the best of CCG!
  • Tricking = What is tricking? Tricking is a unique mix of gymnastics tumbling skills, mixed with taekwondo kicks, the graceful movements of Chinese martial art wushu, and the improvisinal aspects of Afro-Brazilian martial art capoeira. CCG has a growing Tricking program, lead by Coach Aaron, he incorporates elements of gymnastics, acrobatics, parkour, and even break dancing. In essence, the sport is only limited by the imagination of its trickers and it’s SUPER FUN!

Next TTT EPIC Clinic Date:

March 7 (Sat.) 1-3:00 pm

April 4 (Sat.) 1-3:00 pm

May 9 (Sat.) 1-3:00 pm

Cost to attend:

CCG member-enrolled: $14.00

CCG member non-enrolled: $16.00

Non CCG member: $18.00

Added Bonus: Siblings are 1/2 price based on membership