We HOPE to bring extraordinary value to every child’s life even at HOME!

Updated:  May 24, 2020

CCG is springing into action. Currently we are working very closely with several of the TOP organizations in our industry, the County of SLO, Doctor’s and Nurses, plus other organizations vital for our move from our pause stage into our resume operations stage.   As of today, we have not received any clear details as to how we can proceed since the State is in Stage 2 and our type business is in Stage 3.  We are hoping to have more clarity soon!  We appreciate your continued support, all the wonderful messages, and letting us know you are ready to return.

We are hoping to offer Day Camps soon.  We are working on the plan to get everything in place.  We have spent over a month upgrading and preparing CCG’s two gyms, so they are as safe as we can be for all the children.  We know many families are needing childcare/day camps for your children so you can also return to work as businesses open up.  Please reach out to us, let us know what you need and when?  We are hoping to start a wait list now at info@iflipforCCG.com

Please stay tuned as we layout the details of all we are doing to fulfill requirements for CCG to open above and beyond what is being required so we are providing each family the safest environment possible.

NEW:  CCG’s launched a New VIDEO Learning & Activities Library we are rapidly adding information to daily.

CLICK Here to access the site!!

We appreciate the outpouring of support and gratitude.  Here are some of the emails we have received, we’d love to share them with you.


What’s New at CCG, we have been working on the re-imagined CCG experience?  During the temporary closure, we feel this is an opportunity to work on projects, updates, and upgrades that are very difficult to do when we are open.  This time is given us a chance to make some great improvements.  We cannot wait to share them with you!  Here are a few.

    1. We are currently upgrading the entry into Gym 1.  It’s going to be so nice and so much better for everyone going in and out.  Super Excited!  Almost all done.
    2. We are now taking off the old water fountains and adding a NEW water bottle filler station and fountains in GYM 1.  The one we had in GYM 2 is so popular we are adding this upgrade to GYM 1.  We also feel it will be best for children to drink from their own water bottles when at all possible.  Completed!!!
    3. We have been painting almost all the walls in both gyms, cleaning all the dust, emptied the foam pit and cleaned it out, completely updated the gym area’s to meet the guidelines of the CDC for children’s gyms and also our SLO County guidelines.  Actually, we have gone above and beyond what is required.
    4. We are in the process of updating the bathrooms in Gym 1 and will begin working on Gym 2.  Have office guards for both window in place, social distancing plans for entries, exits, and on through out the gyms.  Added hand sanitizer stations for easy access, new camera’s for security and hopefully a system for viewing your child when you are not in the gym, and so much more!
    5. We are also looking at all ways we can make sure CCG is optimally cleaned even more than before by working with several companies upon our opening with our new sanitation plan.
    6. We also just began New Zoom Classes (live) with our fabulous CCG instructors, for preschool and recreational students.  These will be free until May 28, 2020.  Please check them out and make sure to enroll for the month of June!  It’s new, a great way to have your child learning from home, being active, and lots of options, with more on the way.  Plus, the Blog, and all those activities, check this all OUT!  Zoom class schedule below.

This NEW Zoom Classes for Preschool & Recreational CCG Students begin June 1, 2020!

Updated:  New Schedule above begins next week, this is what is available for FREE to try out until the new schedule begins on June 1, 2020:
Check these out now, and join all the classes beginning June 1, 2020. More will be added as these fill up!
Tuesday (5/26):
Rec Acro Zoom Class at 3:15-3:45 pm
Wednesday (5/27):
Rec T&T Zoom Class at 3:15-3:45 pm
Thursday (5/28):
Preschool (ages 3-4) 9:45-10:15 am
Parent Participation (ages 0-2) 10:30-11:00 am
Adv. Rec Gymnastics (all athletes can attend) Zoom Class at 3:15-3:45 pm
HERE ARE THE STEPS:  Please check them out at no cost until May 31, 2020.  If you’d like to enroll in our NEW monthly Zoom Classes please contact our office to enroll at info@iflipforCCG.com or call and leave a message for us at (805)549-8408.  We will get right back to you!
To FIND YOUR ZOOM LINK after enrolling:
  1. Sign into your CCG Parent Portal here. If you have not signed into your portal before, simply click “forgot password” to reset and activate your account.
  2. Once signed in. Go to “Family Info > Students” and select to view your child. You can then select to view your child’s “current classes.” Below each class listing you can click “Join Class” which will link you directly to our Zoom Class meeting at the time of the class!
  3. This link will also appear in “Today’s Class” on your homepage of your portal for each day there is a zoom class. You may sign in and join ANY of our zoom times offered!


  • It is helpful to change the “NAME” listed on your zoom account to your child’s name. This way the coach can see and learn all new attendees’ names!
  • Please prepare your WORKOUT AREA to be free of any potential hazards and safe for movement!
  • We ask that a parent/guardian stay present to supervise your child during activity. Our Parent Participation session (ages 0-2) is designed to be hands-on for parents. For our other classes, we encourage parents to help, but to let their young children be as independent as possible, especially as they get the hang of following a virtual class.

We are all in this together and so excited to be launching these new available virtual classes.We appreciate everyone’s patience with the learning curve of our virtual classes.

We can’t wait to see you in class!



 Did you know, in 2016, CCG made the decision to replace our foam pit blocks with covered foam blocks (a $30,000 upgrade).  Our reasoning for this choice was the children breathing in the dust of the disintegrating foam blocks over time.  Now our Foam Pit is now Dust FREE and a healthier place for all children to be!

Enjoy this installation process of adding our Covered Foam Blocks in the pit are amazing, fun, and CLEAN!



 Watch on KSBY TV and see CCG’s Commercial.  See it now below!




We hope to bring extraordinary value to every child’s life!

CCG added another 16,500 sq. foot gym to our current 16,000 sq. foot gym in August 2016.  CCG is now 32,500 sq. ft. of amazing fitness and fun all in one!

Check out CCG’s Gym 2 Tumble & Trampoline Program, we have two above ground competitive trampolines (seen in picture below), a 3rd black bed trampoline for training, we have an AAI Double Mini Trampoline with 84′ runway, and our Russian 84′ Power Tumble Strip is one of only a few in the USA, CCG is one of only a few GYMS in the entire USA with this new F.I.G. approved tumbling apparatus.  Plus, we now have a full CCE Cheer Gym, US-AMA Martial Arts Do Jo is amazing, and Custom Fit Personal Training with Trainer Eric Wehe is a great way for mom’s and dad’s to train at the same time the kids are, and KidsConnections is truly wonderful program, is a developmental therapy center for children where their therapist work with children in our gym, what a great combination.  Click on any of the links above to learn more about CCG’s T&T and Cheer programs or the other programs offered at CCG.

2017 PEAK Trampoline2017 PEAK Tumble with Casey

Ninja Rope swing 2018


5 Star Facebook Rating and Review by Gina Garritano Maire:


Amazing staff, wonderful programs and happy kids!!  CCG has something for everyone from preschool classes, to team gymnastics, cheer, acro, T&T and even adult classes!  We’ve also had many Birthday parties there and the staff takes care of everything and the kids have a blast! CCG is the place to be in SLO!

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Check Out Our New Blog!

For now, please check out the Zoom Classes for Free during the Month of May, for preschoolers and recreational children!

CCG will not be scheduling any events at this time.  We feel in the future, things will move in a direction where we can offer all the amazing events we have for the past 29 years.