We bring extraordinary value to every child’s life!

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CCG wants to share (5) reasons why your child should be in our GYM!

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  1. Gymnastics is the foundation of all sports.  Starting your children in gymnastics when they are young (8 months Summer KY Fri& up) will give them every opportunity to develop all the skills, abilities, and more to succeed anywhere & in any sport!

  2. At CCG , your child will learn, develop, and grow in ways that will benefit them for the rest of their life.  Building a foundation for life, that is priceless.  You have one opportunity to develop your child’s brain.  Open this door for them, and keep them in the sport for as long as you possibly can, the more years they spend in gymnastics, the more body agility, coordination, strength, and flexibility they will gain, that they can apply in the future, in any sport they want to do.

  3. In gymnastics, you rarely have contact with another child or equipment, so this is considered a non-contact opt-girls-team-ava-on-bars-level-6sport.  This gives your child every opportunity to develop and grow with LESS concussions to the brain.  We are all learning more, and more every year about the affects concussions have on the brain.  Give your child an environment, in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment where they can develop strength and flexibility, gain self esteem, and grow their confidence, daily, safely.

  4. Every week, every week your child is at CCG,  your child will run, jump, balance, climb, go upside down over and CCG acro trio CCG Showcase 2019over.  Not many sports develop full body strength, flexibility, and coordination by going upside, learning to hold a handstand, do a cartwheel, or pull yourself upside down to get up on a bar or rings.  This personal strength and agility is priceless for your child to gain at a ANY AGE!  Gymnastics helps develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills, eye – hand, and eye – foot coordination, and so much more we love to call this brain training.  Did you know that the first (5) years of life, your child’s brain will grow and develop the most, more than any other time in the life, this time in life is priceless, you can’t go back in time.  You can go to CCG now, enroll them in classes and watch them GO & GROW!

  5. And you don’t have to worry about weather, being outside, traveling to different locations for other sports practices, and the pressures of games at a young age.  At CCG, we offer many Ninja Agility Coursebeneficial programs in preschool and recreational gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, and tumbling & trampoline that are all great options or even better, combinations for your child to learn, develop, and grow their physical strength.   And remember, this is without any opportunity for them to be on any type of media or screen.   It’s all their brain being stimulated, with physical challenges and movement.


Now is a great time to join or re-join CCG. 

We have so many great options for classes in our (2) 16,000 Sq. Ft. facilities.



Did you know we offer all of these types of classes for ages 8 months up to high school aged children?

CCG specializes in Preschool & Recreational Classes for Boys & Girls:

Gymnastics for Boys & Girls (ages 8 months and up)

Trampoline & Tumbling  (ages 3 and up)

Cheerleading (ages 5 and up)

Acrobatics (ages 5 and up)

2017 PEAK Tumble with Casey

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Check out the Installation process of adding our Covered Foam Blocks in the pit are amazing, fun, and CLEAN!



 Watch on KSBY TV and see CCG’s Commercial.  See it now below!


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We hope to bring extraordinary value to every child’s life!

CCG added another 16,500 sq. foot gym to our current 16,000 sq. foot gym in August 2016.  CCG is now 32,500 sq. ft. of amazing fitness and fun all in one!

Check out CCG’s Gym 2 Tumble & Trampoline Program, we have two above ground competitive trampolines (seen in picture below), a 3rd black bed trampoline for training, we have an AAI Double Mini Trampoline with 84′ runway, and our Russian 84′ Power Tumble Strip is one of only a few in the USA, CCG is one of only a few GYMS in the entire USA with this new F.I.G. approved tumbling apparatus.  Plus, we now have a full CCE Cheer Gym, US-AMA Martial Arts Do Jo is amazing, and Custom Fit Personal Training with Trainer Eric Wehe is a great way for mom’s and dad’s to train at the same time the kids are, and KidsConnections is truly wonderful program, is a developmental therapy center for children where their therapist work with children in our gym, what a great combination.  Click on any of the links above to learn more about CCG’s T&T and Cheer programs or the other programs offered at CCG.


2017 PEAK Trampoline2017 PEAK Tumble with Casey

Ninja Rope swing 2018

2018 Acro Trio Level 5 acro showcase















5 Star Facebook Rating and Review by Gina Garritano Maire:


Amazing staff, wonderful programs and happy kids!!  CCG has something for everyone from preschool classes, to team gymnastics, cheer, acro, T&T and even adult classes!  We’ve also had many Birthday parties there and the staff takes care of everything and the kids have a blast! CCG is the place to be in SLO!


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NGD Logo 2019

Get details here:

CCG is gearing up for our annual 2019 National Gymnastics Day Celebration “Rockin’ Block Party”

September 14, 2019

Saturday 1:00 -4:00 pm

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Preschool Logo

Jungle Exploration Play Day

(ages 8 months – 5 years)


 September 27th 1:00-2:30 pm



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Kids night out in red 

nationa lgymnastics day no date logo

(Sat.) September 21

5-10:00 pm

Join us to CELEBRATE “National Gymnastics & All Star Cheer and Dance KNO!” 

Leave your children with the experts at CCG and go out and have some fun!

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Time for Ninja Agility Training!

ninja-kick-boySeptember 7 (Sat.) 1-3 pm

Ninja Agility Day of Training

Register early, before 11 am day of event!

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October 5 & 6, 2019

(Saturday and Sunday)

Join CCG both days for the largest Women’s Gymnastics Meet on the Central Coast!

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Get details here:

CCG has (3) Days of Thanksgiving Camp

Details coming soon

November 25-27

(Mon-Wed before Thanksgiving Day Nov. 28)

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