About our staff:

CCG coaches and administrators are some of the brightest and most passionate people we know in the industry. Our staff members are hired for their unique talents, credentials and character. Many of our coaches have competed around the world, volunteered in the community, earned degrees, spoken at gymnastics conferences and trained with USA Gymnastics national staff members.

Our employees are unique, but we have one thing in common: We have come together in one great place, here at Central Coast Gymnastics Sports Center located in the heart of San Luis Obispo. We share the philosophy of inspiring children to grow up strong, healthy, happy and achieve their dreams.

Mimi Phene McKellar

Owner & Gym Manager

Shannon Merritt

Payroll Manager & HR Specialist

Sophie Sengsouvanh

HR/Office Manager

Aly Wenzel

Cheer Program Director

Rion Page

Acrobatic Gymnastics Director

Renato Deza

Boys Program Director

Renee Wright

Developmental & Compulsory Team Coach

Scott Wilhelm

Webmaster / NGA Program Director

Dana Desrosiers

Boys Team Coach


Cheer Coach

Emily Cracknell

Camp Director / T&T Team Coach

Jeremy Pigford

Program Director / T&T Team Coach

Mariah Von Achen

Cheer Coach

Peter Conti

Boys Devo

Samantha Stolzoff

Girls Rec Coach